VRS Verify

Vendors of regulated pharmaceutical products must have auditable, documentary evidence that their saleable returns verification system performs to DSCSA regulations and your company’s requirements. The Gateway Checker VRS Verify Software Platform quickly, robustly, and reliably executes VRS testing and validation.

Successful VRS tests are eligible to become Gateway Certified, the only independent assessment available today.  When your system is Gateway Certified, you and your trading partners can be confident that you are meeting industry requirements.

VRS Verify:

  • Ensures the VRS system produces accurate and timely responses to verification requests
  • Automatically generates and executes VRS validation test queries
  • Generates documentary evidence of successful testing
  • Ensures the VRS System meets user and industry requirements

Find out how VRS Verify can help you demonstrate that your VRS system is working as designed and how to become Gateway Certified, by contacting us here.