Our Approach

Gateway Checker tests, evaluates, and certifies connectivity between different organizations with the objective of seamless interoperability.

Our service was established after encountering the challenges of bringing different information systems together to productively share supply chain data among trading partners. We learned firsthand the difficulties to successfully design, set up, test, and deploy interoperable connectivity.

We focus on life-sustaining supply chains. Our initial application provides an automated means to test and evaluate conformance of serialized EPCIS events to the GS1 US Healthcare Rx guidelines for item level traceability.

We offer the only automated test and certification system established by traceability experts and industry practitioners which is certified by GS1 as a Conformance Testing Service.

Gateway Checker

The Gateway Checker conformance testing system evaluates the form, structure, data content, and conformance to a traceability scenario for each submitted XML EPCIS document.

In seconds, our application applies hundreds of rules, conducts a thorough analysis and delivers detailed results.