About Us

Gateway Checker™ is a Software as a Service offering established to unambiguously assess and verify the readiness of one system to connect and exchange electronic product code information with another. Drug manufacturers, repackagers, and distributors can test, validate, and certify adherence to GS1 US Rx EPCIS. Gateway Checker is certified by the GS1 US RX EPCIS Testing Service Certification Program and is owned and operated by the Gateway Checker Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of BrandSure, LLC.

Developed by BrandSure

The Gateway Checker™ service was developed in 2017 by BrandSure, after assisting with the creation of the GS1 EPCIS Implementation Guidelines for US DSCSA Traceability.

BrandSure partners with clients to ensure the safety and security of medicines, medical devices and food. We have successfully managed more than 35 serialization-focused engagements, many of them facilitating drug and medical device regulatory compliance. Secure, robust, agile and regulatory compliant supply chains ensure market success.

We have experience deploying solutions from inception to production, which protect millions of units from counterfeiting, gray market diversion, tampering, and fraudulent reimbursement. Our supply chain integrity solutions leverage real-world expertise in brand protection, product packaging, distribution and information management systems.

We deliver: Susceptibility Assessments, Compliance Readiness Planning, Requirements Definition, and oversee Item-Level Serialization and Secure Distribution deployments including EPCIS Conformance Verification, development of Standardized Operating Procedures and Computer System Validation.

BrandSure is a member of HDA and GS1 US Healthcare. We are a GS1 Solution Partner, a GS1 Certified Conformance Testing Service, and an active supporter of GS1 interoperability standards.